January 29, 2010


I have been wronged. Oh so cruelfully wronged. Not really. The only injustice I can think of in my life is that my parents hate eye of the tiger. I mean- WHAT?! I just thought the random title needed a first sentance to go along with it.

I have been looking foreward to these posts during school. I HAVE BEEN WRONGED! I just realized. My forbidden computer time has been limited by an assembly. I wish it was during any other class. Except maybe PE. I adore PE.

It was a magic assembly. Some cool unanswered illusions. By a man with a head cold. That's pretty much it. I am not going to go change the world now- it wasn't that inspiring. But I will try.

They (the class) are watcing Prince Caspian. I ADORE this movie. I keep looking up while typing and I smile becuase now I am so skilled at typing I can do it for a while without looking.

I saw the first half of Les Miserabes. It was the most amazing musical experiance I had had the privalidge of viewing in my life time. I am going again tonight.  My favoritest song I decided is, "Bring him home" It is the one number that brings me closest to tears.

MY EYES! They stopped watching the movie and the lights went back on. I wish I could stay in this class and PE all day away.

I wish not to overwhelm you with too long of an update. So this is my wrapping up.

Happiness of the day/week:  I was examining a gift card for some store, and on the back side was a, "Scratch gently with coin" thing. On it, it said, "Do not purchase if this is scratched away." I vocally inquired to my father, "How would they know not to purchase it if it itself is scrathed away?"

Life lesson 4: Do not scoot on a wooden floor with your bum. Splinters will come.

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