January 27, 2010

The Forbidden Post

Here I am again. In school. On the laptop. Without going to the copy room or grading papers. Mr. Chappell has nothing for me to do today. So I am free as I can be on the laptop.

Right now the class is demonstrating how to use body language in writing. It is most very humorous. They are now talking about flirting. Oh my goodness. This is awesome. Not really. I'm just making you wish you were here.  I wonder if I should volunteer to demonstrate?

This morning I slept in dreadfully late. So my father promised to take me to this place. I was ready at about 8 o'clock. Take in account that school starts at 8:15. My family are procrastinators. I waited an hour and a half, sitting on the couch reading Calvin and Hobbes.

Last night I went and saw the second half of Pleasant Grove High School's production of, "Les Miserables" I enjoyed this very much. I think the lighting was superb. It made me have shivers. When during the battle scene the front of the barracade is light up bright so we can only see the outline of our faithful beloved dying. The siloutte of the blood red flag dropping gracefully with the waver. The music, as most cultered people know, is very empowering. I did not cry though. The scenes that might have- Empty chairs at empty tables, and when the young boy dies. The thing that made me gasp? Javer falling backwards off an 8 foot platform.

I plan to go and see the first half, (and last) tonight to see if it echos the finale. I am most very excited. I'm tempted to go to playlist and play my favorite songs (At the end of the day, Red and Black, and Can you hear the people sing) and see what these pitiful laptop speakers can do.

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