January 25, 2010

Blogger doesn't count right?

I am a proud Teacher's Aide. I run up and down the hallways with hot fresh papers and watch those younger than me work like dogs. Today Mr. Chappell let me go on the laptop. He said, "No porn, facebook..." and trailed off from there. He obviously meant blogging was, "OK". I hope... and this transfers as a note onto facebook so I have found the ultimate loophole. What a criminal I am.

So yes- I am in the establishment of school. This is like an update from the forbidden side.
Well since it's only second period there is not much to tell about my day but first period.
we watched a country music video. Rodney Atkins- Watching you. I am not a big fan of country, but I like this song quite a bit. Another example of country I tolerate ((adore)) is Taylor Swift. But we didn't watch her in my Foods class.

My hopes for today? To do pilates in PE and walk the dog.
How has your day been?
Hapiness of the day/week: I passed a cake shop and the sign said, "Happy new year! Break your resolution here!"
Life lesson 3: You can't say fart on live televison.

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emilee said...

GASP. You are a rebelious child. :)