December 23, 2009

The Christmas Curse

Every year. Every time. I am cursed. I akways stumble upon a dead giveaway of a gift for me.

A couple years ago, around this time, dad asked me to get something from the car, low ad behold, what is sitting in the front seat? A PS2 controller. Gee, I wonder what I'm getting for Christmas...

When I was litte and got home from school on my birthday, my mom told me to stay in the living room. The phone was in there and it rings, and the lady on the other end says, "Your order of balloons is ready."

Today. I went into Kate's closet to get something to take to my friends house, on the shelf sits "Stardust." which was on my wishlist....

I don't look for this stuff! It just happens! Make sure that if you get me something, It's where I wouldn't find it just minding my own business...

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