November 23, 2009

Contacting any living being...

I'm scared. It's the apocalypse. Facebook isn't working. I feel like I'm in a dark room huddled in a corner. It's a really scary feeling. It's one thing to be off facebook and know it's working but to be off and and it isn't.

So, I am reduced to blogging about my...feelings.
*deep breath*

Um. well. I'm sorta new at this, "Confessing feelings" thing. So I will do bullet points! They make everything better. and instead of feelings- being optimistic, and and updates about me!!! (at least now I am distracted.)

  • I am wearing sunglasses right now. (indoors)
  • I want to go to Emilee's house to whatch startrek
  • I want to see whodunnit tonight
  • I <3 my friends
  • I love Lucas Till! (because of you belong with me MUSIC VIDEO!)
  • I got an apple slicer for my birthday!
  • I had a sub in Drama today and I told him that Miss Mecham was 26.
  • I "slapped" max like 10 times today
  • *I should be doing homework shhhhhhh* 
  • Lizzy wrote me a "I'm thankful for you" note to me today. It made me feel loved
  • I got two crunch bars in US history and got out 5 minutes early for lunch!
  • I actually really happy now! 
I guess blogging your feelings really does help!