October 02, 2009

realization: school is effort.

she her name shall be Mia and she shall be mine and Mia. The last couple of says have been pretty scholaristic. I went to parent teacher conferences with Mom and we learned what I had to do to maintain my goalistic goal of 4.0. And the drama department (which I am constantly up to date with) is working hard on a mid-summer's night dream. We are almost at the point of (no return) off script. WE GOT MIA. I really want a keyboard. and to teach myself to play piano. I REALLY want to. I will sooner than later post a post of my dearest wishes for my approaching Bye-Bye-Birthday. Stay tuned folks.

1 comment:

emilee said...

...You can come play my piano any time you want.... {even though it sucks..}
And I could try my hardest to teach you what I know...
If ya want.