September 20, 2009

Your My Favorite Human

I am in love with musicals. Most of you have already figured this out. I am in love with bye bye birdie. I hope in my dearest heart, you have figured this out. I LOVE Hugo Peabody- aka Bobby Rydell and Albert Peterson- aka Dick Van Dyke. And Paul Lynde is also worth an honorable mention. I challenge you to get up, go to hollywood video and get the 1963 version of bye bye birdie. (I just returned it.) I'm adoring this movie/musical so much, I am considering of having a birthday party theme of it. Bye Bye Birthday. All 50's, all Conrad Birdie. We could have a dance off. Oldest dance move wins. I have requested from my parents to get me the DVD. We could watch it as well. Quotable Quotes: "Ed Sullivan, he's my favorite human!" Paul Lynde "Who wants respect from a 10 year old kid?!" Lynde "When I sing about a tree, listen, I really feel that tree!" Jesse Pearson "Nah-uh, man I hope I never get that tense." Pearson Hugo. yes. he is a quote. the best of all.

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emilee said...

YOU rented it? YOU returned it? Pshah, it was my parental unit who drove me there, and my parental unit who paid for the dvd...and she doesn't even get an honorable mention for bringing to you the dearest movie of your life. *tsk*
Thank you mommie. :D