September 01, 2009


THE STAGE PRESENCE OF OLIVIA PLAYING THE ROLE OF THE CRAZY-VISIONARY DIRECTOR OF THE MECHANICALS IN A MIDSUMMER'S NIGHT DREAM! I would like to thank all the little people, actually, all the big people, since this is a smaller show. Thank you Jeremy, for seeing my star quality, thank you Shawn for giving me play dough, and thank you Danielle. You rock. The show is in November, I hope my Joseph fan club comes to see it. (children's choir) It's officially amazing already. I can tell. We have a cast do die for. Isaac Major is in it, need I say more? We did a, "Bed-time story" version read through of it, and I already have favorite quotes, "Kiss me through the wall!" Miss Mecham (bottom) "Don't stab the director!" Miss Mecham "What are you doing you freak?!" Miss Mecham (Helena) "Wait, stay here you need to be scared in a second..." Miss Mecham "Go away hate you you stinky face." Miss Mecham (Demetrius) I <3 it.

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3M!L33 said...

LoL, "Isaac Major's in it...Need I say more?"