September 28, 2009

Mamma Mia!

*MIA* While in Bear Lake, my mother had a dream. Not a speech, but a real life breathing dream. She dreamt: That we got a black shih-tzu puppy named Mia, Mia and Milo. When she awoke she asked my father if we could get a puppy, and surprisingly my dad said yes, when we have a fence. But when we got home, my mom found a great deal: 3 Black 10-week old female shih-tzus for $250. So we are going to "look at them" tomorrow, which means, "We are totally getting a puppy." My Uncle's nieghbor's are selling them, up there are some pictures taken from his iPhone. Here is a video! (take in mind these 3 puppies are black, so they are hard to see.) ADORABLE!


LisAway said...

Yes, very hard to see. Aren't you afraid you'll take him home and NEVER SEE HIM AGAIN? You'll just think you see a shadow now and again.

Super cute. Super, super cute.

-oLiViA said...