August 27, 2009


So I landed on planet 4.0. It is more glorious then I imagined. But there is one set back, it is unstable and very stressful. The tiny fibers could bend, so easily, bruising like ripe fruit, to A-,B... slowly or a forceful impact. I have auditioned for a play. It is a thick play. Dense, heavy, with forests and bums and fairy's. A midsummer night's dream. Notice the picture now hung in your head, various hues and shades of sea foam green, aqua, periwinkle trees, a donky-man who's name coincidentally is Bottom. Two fair maidens and Two handsome gentlemen. Fairy's with wings of soft edges, angelic in their service to the Diva-queen Titania. This is what comes into my overactive mind. Like I said, I have auditioned. It went very well, 68 people, 10th in line, and a comment of, "Good job, Olivia. Great use of diction." I am going for Helena or Puck. the callbacks were posted today. 2:45 at Miss Mecham's door. 21 out of the 68 that auditioned that day would be there. My name. Was near the top. some day soon, my name will be at the top. in lights. on Broadway.


3M!L33 said...

Wow. That was beautifully written! honestly, I am impressed.
And just so that all other readers of this blog know, 134 people auditioned.
And Olivia was one of about 30 who made callbacks. :D

LisAway said...

Congratulations, Liv! Oh my goodness. And HELLO! GREAT writing on this. Sheesh. You're how old? Keep it up, lady. And get those A's!! I'm sure the pop tarts will be enormously helpful with that. :)