August 10, 2009

JOSEPH- school

I miss my blog kind of. I stopped when my audience was at a low peak. But now I can post and it will be transferred into a note on facebook which I have been converted to. I am in a play- that is of the amazing sort. Those on facebook should know that, if you care about me. JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT. *tremble in awe* I am with the most amazing people of which I love. I just wish they would stop talking to eachother all the time and talk to the *shudder* "Children's choir" don't worry, we don't bite. hard. But even if they don't know my name I love them none the less. My favorites include: SARAH, EVA, EMILY, COURTNEY, REBEKA, NICK, JUSTIN, THAD, JASON, AND JUSTIN. Don't worry Emilee, I love you too, but it was so obvious I decided not to put you on the list. Our shows are the best and you must see it. it's on MONDAY'S THURSDAY'S FRIDAY'S AND SATURDAY'S. Saturday is no longer alone on my favorite day's of the week list. Enough about favorites-school. Well I'm actually pretty excited to be back for the first couple of weeks but then I want to leave again. I want to try really hard this year to make it good. POP-TARTS!!! I have a bottom locker in the locker hall- 1496 feel free to drop me a line. I am so excited that I only have one 2nd lunch!!! 3 1st lunches!!! It just makes me so happy. Well merry back to school wishes and a happy show!

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3M!L33 said...

"We don't bite. Hard"
Some of us do. {whitney, danielle....}
Howcome justin is on your list twice and neither Phillip nor Jim is on it??
And I LOVE second lunch. It makes the day go by SO MUCH FASTER. :D