June 28, 2009

Shame and Pride

Shame: Last June I did 28 posts. This June I only did 3. (including this one.) Shame/ Pride: I made 111 posts- triple digits. but pathetic that I am only there. Pride: Made 31$ yesterday. Matt & Mandi got home late, 11:45, So I got to sleep in. This is the latest I have EVER slept in. Mandi said when they got out of the movie, their car stunk. Matt never locks the doors so the found out/figured someone was sitting in their car smoking. Despite the fact that their was a baby seat in the back. My dad says that it was probably because the person didn't want their parents to know they we're smoking. It kinda freaked me out. Now I won't get so annoyed when Mom tells me to lock the doors everywhere we go. Well that's whats happened to me in the last 6 hours. Toodles!

1 comment:

emilee♥ said...

Only 111. I am almost to 300. Wow.
And I am SO JEALOUS. I need money so bad! I am only just getting my fist babysitting job for the whole summer, and it is in 2 weeks.
I fear my Donny trip to Vegas may not happen. :'(

Anyhow, 2+2...what is the link? You never told me.. :/