April 13, 2009


These picture were taken on my new-used camera last Sunday, not yesterday. I had a good day yesterday though. Our Easter Bunny hides our baskets around our house and I found 3 out of 4. First, Jane's mounted atop the DVD player, then Anna's under the upstairs bathroom sink. Kate actually found hers under the computer desk. I couldn't find mine though! It took me about 15 minutes. Mom was smiling and she asked, "Did you find it yet?" "No, but watch, it's going to be somewhere obvious- I FOUND IT!" I looked up to find it in the book case. Mom told us a story about when she was little she always wanted a chocolate bunny for Easter. She'd get them, but they were always hollow. So she deliberately got us 1 pound solid chocolate bunnies. I'm almost done with mine. We also got cute little stuffed animal bunnies, mine was the smallest, he's small, white, and has a deep voice. His name is Happy Fluffy Bunny Face. (Commonly confused with Happy Buffy Funny Face.) At church we watched a slideshow of beautiful pictures that a photographer took- He is making a picture book of Christ's life. Then our Young Woman leaders gave us beautiful white tulips with a quote on them that says, "He has opened the way whereby we may gain not only immortality, but eternal life." Gordon B. Hinckley. Last night I opened up a huge restaurant for 1 night only, The Hippity Hoppity Cafe. I made dinner, set the table, made menus, wore a dress, was waitress, Mater D, and wrapped the silver-ware in napkins. My Mom made it all worth it when she said, "Thank you Livvy, this is very memorable."


3mil33 said...

Hahaha, fun! You have a new/used camera? Sence when?
You are so sweet. That is awesome that you made dinner!

But don't you think it's a bit odd that the easter BUNNY gives us eggs? That being the case, don't you think it should be the easter Chicken...Now that's what I'm talking about. :))

Jenn K said...

Oh good, my backside and profile pictures were spared from your blog. :-)

LisAway said...

I love the pictures! You're a great photographer. I wonder where you get that from. . . :) Thanks for posting these. Love it.

I feel JUST the way your mom does about chocolate bunnies. What's the point of a hollow one? They should just make a smaller solid one. Come on. That's awesome that she, I mean the Easter Bunny got you the real deal.