March 15, 2009


First of all I'd like to say my little sister Jane now has a blog that she would like you look at. Last night I was disappointed to find out that the nerd-ness was cancelled. Dad was actually going to let me play. To play D&D with Dad and his friends- is like a right of passage. Other wise- I had a great night last night! It was the final night of "The Music Man" (which I forgot to mention I didn't get a role in but I ended up being a makeup person) and the Techies got to take a bow. It was fantastic. While Dad was waiting for me to finish cleaning up so we could leave in the auditorium, he watched a prop techie take a large wood-latter type thing weaving through the many people on stage. The classic comedic move happened next- out of all the people on stage to whack in the back of the head and it had to be the director/drama teacher. Sundays are soft beautiful things in my home. Despite the constant arguing and screaming depending on who got the most sleep. I enjoy only listening to Enya and CD's that they give out on Mother's Day at the church. Dad says that when 1 person isn't home it feels strange- like he isn't at full piece. That's why he and I really love sundays- a quiet day to be together just as a family. And a day when you get your fill on ice cream.


LisAway said...

I love your description of Sundays at the Petty house. And of the drama teacher getting whacked with a ladder. :)

Off to check out Jane's blog!

emilee said...

Livvie Lou, you're my favorite!