December 19, 2008

✄ Welcome To The Mind Of A Crazy Person.☂

In school suspension. I know my teacher marked me tardy even though I'm in the office. I'm nauseated from fatigue. It's making me freak out. Emilee is not here. I think that's what sent me over the edge of sanity. The office ladies are busy but I need to tell them something: The Tardy, My Math, &...DANGIT! I forgot. Oh, to get my stuff. That is what I wrote in my notebook while I was in the office. I will get I.S.S if I'm tardy one more time, I have 6 pages of math homework that is due today that I trusted with the office lady. I stayed up late last night doing the math. and now I'm pretty much having a nervous breakdown. I wish Emilee would get on, I need something to do, something to save me from this endless toil of boredom. I will post a story.

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