December 26, 2008

Me The Day After Christmas

Sorry the one with Minnie is sideways. Minnie is my MP3, she is so riducously small it's cute. I had a good christmas, we are getting a trampoiline, I got cool socks, candy, I happy. The hat is jane's but I like it. =]


~Hot Cocoa~ said...

Thats how i looked too!

Jenn K said...

Trampolines are the best! We even snowboard off of them (well, the kids do, can you imagine ME doing that?) in the winter time with a little ramp/slide thing we make off the side with plywood. Have fun with the trampoline!

LisAway said...

Oh fun! Merry belated Christmas!

(em)ilee said...

You need to post something new.
As you know, I have an "extremely busy life" So I need something to occupy my free time.
in other words