December 12, 2008


Kinda, but not really... I DIDN'T MAKE CALL BACKS!!!! I really wanted to be Zaneeta, the mayors daughter, she is a prime dancer. It's becuase I'm a beginer. Sevies almost never get decent parts in the plays. I'm most likely to be a backup person though, and If i do a great job with that, she'll probably give me a better part. *wishful sigh* I have a lot of math homework. If we're at school all day, why do they give us more work to do at home?! I don't understand a lot of things in this mordern day socicity. I'm doing a new poll, whether my blog be private or not. I find it annoying to always have to log in to visit my blog. But I feel a little more secure with it being private. What if someone creepy found my blog? But what are the odds that would happen with all these millions of trillions of blogs on blogger... I'm confuzzled. So please do my poll. If you don't, you don't care, and that hurts my feel goods. (Blog address changes tomorrow to!)

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(em)ilee said...

You should make it private, because once when I was bored I googled my name and found my facebook page....That is creepy.
BTW you hurt my feelgoods. Just thought you should know.