November 15, 2008


This is my imaginary personage friends-hipness Tishie Swish. (Try saying that 1 time fast.) And the other picture is Tish with her Best Friend Lola. Bengal Tigers are the bestest animals ever, I also love penguins. =D This post is because I'm very extremely ever so bored. My mom's birthday is tomorrow and so we all got to go to Gramma's house for a sleep over. But we got to have a sleep over with Tyler. At the moment he is singing Happy Birthday to Gramma, who's Birthday is April 22nd. He is an over estatic 5 year old who loves nothing more than to hunting down his cousins when they hide. (We are the hunted.) And Now I have a Kate who has been complaining all morning about a painful side. And now she's complaining how she had to play with Tyler on the computer for 2 hours, what a poor soul. (Sarcasm.) Today Is Madison's Birthday Party. At 3pm We are going to classic skating. One Problem. Me. I have an irrational fear of Classic Skating. Why? Teenagers. I was skating there last year with my family, Anna just a first grader. A guy, about 15, totally ran her over when he was going too fast. He got up, did he apologize? NO... And the music was awful music I hated and it was so loud it was hard to scream and be heard. And the worst part, The Snowball. The Snowball is when Boys or Girls get to choose a boy, or girl, to skate with for a while. I went out to the car and didn't come back in. So how do you perpose we solve this little problem? "Your older now, maybe you won't hate it as much." Dad says, "Your used to Teenagers trampling over you now." Dad says. Basically, they tell me to suck it up. I think I might be okay, after all, A couple months after Jr. High and your used to scary Teenagers all over the place. Sure I'm used to it, but it doesn't mean I'm not scared out of my wits of them. To end on a good note, look at how cute Tishie and Lola are!

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Petty Family said...

I used to hate being at the roller rink too, not during the regular skating, but when it was the "couples" skating. It was so obnoxious and embarrassing. Why do they do that? I hear ya on that one!