November 28, 2008

I'm it but I don't have to chase you!

Emilee tagged me. So- I'm it! but I don't have to chase you all around. All I have to do is answer silly questions. Where is your phone? Next to Dad's on the counter. Where is you significant other? Don't have one. Your Hair Color? What Naturally? Blonde. Your Mother? There To Listen Your Father? Hardest Working Man Alive. Your Favorite Thing? um...My Family Your Dream last night? Snakes. *shudder* Your dream/goal? To become a Legacy Room your in? Living Room Your Hobby? Making People Laugh Your Fear? Rejection Where do you want to be in 6 years? BYU college Where we're you last night? Aunt Jenny's for Thanksgiving One of your wishlist items? Another Cinderella Story Soundtrack What your not? Dancing In The Rain Where you grew up? Spanish Fork The last thing you did? Set Up The living room for my birthday party! Your T.V.? Phillips. Your pet(s)? Milo, (doggy) Izzy (Cat), Pippen (Carnie Eater. ;) ), Meri, (Phattie) Big Fella, (Fish) PeeWee, (fish) Savanna (fish) Tiger, (fish) Your computer? iBook G4. (Dad's work computer) Your mood? Excited!!! Missing someone? New Zealanders. Your car? A Rad Light Blue Metallic Caprice (1976) Something you're not wearing? Pearls. Favorite store? Limited Too Your summer? Loved St. George Love someone? I Love Everyone Your favorite color? Several. Orange and Cabin Yellow. (It's baby yellow, but there's a distinction.) When was the last time you laughed? A couple hours ago while watching Total Drama Island Last time you cried? um...a couple days ago I'm tagging: Lisa, Dad, and Madison.


LisAway said...

How can a dream about snakes cause a shudder? Snakes are TERRIFIC! You obviously were raised with lesser pets: dogs, cats and fish. The only thing we ever had were snakes and lizards! Love 'em.

You know what? I might just do this tag, Liv. That's might with a capital M.

Now I need to google "cabin yellow." You've got me all curious.

And hope you had a terrific birthday party!! Happy Belated! (I'm so bad at keeping up on birthdays and don't get on facebook often enough to catch people in time.)

(em)ilee said...

**PIPPEN, WHY!?!?!?**

-oLiViA said...

I love snakes- In 6th grade we had a pet one that rocked- but I was surrounded by rattle snakes and I had to drop Anvils on them. Cabin Yellow, I made that up like 7 years ago, that's just how special I am. =D

LisAway said...

(I just did this and am posting my answers tomorrow! It was fun! Thanks for the tag.)