November 22, 2008

Day Jaw Voo

Is my life skipping a few beats?! I babysat for the same family doing the same thing- except they had a doggie for me to babysit this time that looks like Emilee's imaginary chiwawa Phineas, but older and less fluffy. And I got retatainers- Aw it hurts worse than spacers!!! So yeah- I have lots of money to buy my sisters christmas presents- but I need like 30 dollars more. Yeah, I'm a good sister. I write this entire post hurridly because it's half time and I'm watching the game at my uncle's house- I'm sleeping over. Which is speacail, becuz I never really watched and payed attentioon to a game in my life. BYU-17 UTES-27. I'm hoping for a BYU win! Go cougars! And now for the random part of my post- My pinkie smells like horse radish. =D


(em)ilee said...

Okay. First of all, it is dejavu. Secondly, its CHIHUAHUA! It matters.

(em)ilee said...

WAIT! I GET IT NOW! HAHAHA!! But the chihuahua thing still matters.

LisAway said...

Oh! I was feeling terrible that I've slacked on coming to your blog since you went private so there's no feed for my Reader to pick up and I'm going a little crazy with blogging this month (because I'm doing the "post every day" NaBloPoMo thing.

Then I came on here and saw that babysitting picture and thought, Oh, great! She hasn't posted the whole time I haven't been coming! But I was wrong. And great was the wrongness thereof.

I promise to try harder.