November 04, 2008


HaPPy b-dAY ME!!! I'm so happy!!! It's had a great start, when I walked into utah history, this one kid jumped up and yelled, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!" and my good friend who I know way more than the kid said, "It's your birthday?!" I think that the kid knew it was my birthday on account that I'm wearing a party hat around school. =D! So, I've been having a great day, and after school my sisters and I are going to see high school musical 3. So, yeah... HAPPY!

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LisAway said...

Happy Birthday!! Wow! How old are you now? 13? WOW! I hope you had a great one!

Also, Evie wants to become a follower and comment on here but she needs an invitation. How do you do it? Her email is (maybe you guessed that it's actually one of Greg's accounts). And don't worry, I don't think she'll bring any stalker bad guys to your blog.

(BTW, I forgot that since you went private my reader won't tell me when you update, so that's why I've missed your last few posts!! I'll have to remember to come here on my own!