November 16, 2008

After (the) Party

I actually had a great time. I guess I shouldn't be so surprised. I mean, Dad is almost never wrong. I was actually pretty familiar to most of the music, and it was family day. I was right about one thing though, I had to scream to be heard. But During the Snowball we (the party) all held hands and skated in a big line. And when we went back to madison's house, her family started showing up for their family party. By then only 3 guests remain, Me, Skylee, and Mikayla. But half of the family that showed up knew me! They didn't know Skylee or Mikayla, They knew me! It was awesome!!! Like her baby cousin, JC, Gave me a hug and sat on my lap for awhile. She even said I'm her favorite cousin friend. When we got home We watched The Corpse Bride. The reason I want to play piano. If you look at my playlist, the first song is the song I most want to play on piano. The audio is a little fuzzy but you can still hear it. Dad made me a deal. If I learned to play the guitar I already had, He would get me a piano. I'm marking his words down. I'm putting them down at the bottom of my blog. (I'm really holding that against you Dad.) So That's my world right now...How's yours?


dp said...

heh heh heh - I think I agreed to piano LESSONS not piano.

(em)ilee said...

HAHAHA! He got you! But that is ok. You can have my piano. but it is out of tune...and some of the keys don't work...or some of the pedals.... :D