October 08, 2008

La Da De Da La De De!

My birthday is coming!!!!!! So I told everyone that I finally decided what I'm going to do for my birthday!!! Then they ask what, then I say a surprise!!! I know that it irritates me when people do that, so I look for ways to annoy them!!!! Yes, it makes my heart smile to know that I did a job well done. When I lay in bed at night, I ask my self, "What can I do to annoy people?" and then different ideas come to me all at once! how pleasant. As you can probably tell, I'm am very most extremly bored. So I write random posts. OH JOY!!! I just realized that I have TWO MAJOR project due tommorow that I havn't even started on!!! AND PRE ALEGBRA HOMEWORK!!! I am going to go either work all night or go curl up in a ball and cry myslef to sleep.


Ewelina said...

You are so annoying! And when's your birthday?

P.S.I'd love a little something from you!

chocolate! said...