October 09, 2008

Just For Evie Post

Evie, your mom and you have been saying that your always extremely bored. BOPKINISH! (yes I just made that up.) Here are a couple things that me and my sisters do: Club Penguin- A site where kids can connect and have fun, you can play games, earn coins and make friends. (Virtually, never meet a persoen you met online... yeah.) Writing- My friend Mary are writing a book, you can totally write a book!!! If you don't wanna write a book, write to us! =D or you could write a song Bake- Your Mom is a cook apparently, so there must be many things you can make wiht your friends or something! Whatch a movie!- Rent different movies, pop some highly buttered corn, and make a pillow tent to watch it in! That's like... all I got. I suck. I spend most of my time blogging, IMing, facebooking, whatching TV, and homework. I should make a graph of what I spend my time doing. Evie your so awesome, I'm positive your so smart you can figure something out. And, I would love to send you a little something, but what would you like? Luvs! ~oLiViA


Ewelina said...

Thanks for those great options!
I guess writing a book sounds the funnest.
I already wrote two short stories in one of my 999 notebooks.

P.S.I really don't care what you send me.;)

Ewelina said...

O, yah,I said you should be Tink, but thats if you cut your hair, if not then I say Barbie.

-oLiViA said...

Cool! Thanks Evie!