October 13, 2008

4 story's in 1 post

So I watched Another Cinderella Story the other day, AWESOME! I's a dance movie with Drew Seely and Selena Gomez, I liked Drew Seely before he was cool, so yeah... On Friday night My friend Madison invited me to Go to the huanted forest with her, I went and made fun of the teenagers that worked there. I said stuff like, "NICE! Good job man!" Or, "I love you, your my idol." It was really funny. I really want to make music videos, but I' lacking of studio, sets, a camera crew... I really want to be a producer, directer, or a dancer. I like dancing, I have a raw talent with dancing. SO! I wrote this new post on the storyness and it is the turning point in the story! We find out answers to almost all our questions! It's awesome. I'm having a great time. AND! For fall break I might go over to cousin's house!!! I'm happy. Have you ever loved a song that you just couldn't listen to it fast it enough?! I love Bang a Drum By Selena Gomez. It makes me wanna get up and dance and make a music video.

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~Hot Cocoa~ said...

yes. Like sometimes I like a song SO much, I listen to it 4 times a day