September 11, 2008

Opera's House, And Nick Jonas

It's true, I went to Opera Winfrey's house and met Nick Jonas. In my dream. =D. I was in Opera's house, Which is a crazy madhouse mansion. It has 8 pool rooms, 20 different bathroom's with bathtubs the size of three class room's put together. She has 3 different elevater's around her house, had nine cats (I didn't see one.) So come with me, on a journey, through her house. I was wandering aimlessly around her house with several friends, all of which left me at the first pool room. I wanted to explore a little bit more. I found this room filled with people, (Which was odd because her house was so big that there was barely over 3 people in one room) and There were all these frozen celebrites. I think it was someone's idea to try to trick people into thinking that they we're card bored cut outs. I surprisngly got bored and left shortly after entering the room. But then I whirled around looking for Nick Jonas. (Yes, I'm a fan) He was being attacked by several fans. I elbowed my way through them and lead him running out of there, as he followed me, I ran through many many many different doors, rooms, and corners. We finally ran out of breath so we started talking. I forgot what we talked about, (Go figure) but we started walking again. I went into my favorite room and he followed. I loved the room, it had a stain glass window of bright colors flooding different colors around the room. There was a huge fountain in the middle of the room, and stairs that lead to a bigger corridor. A couple of my friends we're lounging on the stairs so Nick turned and we slowly walked to the really cool evevater that went around the front of the house. I caught glimpse of my friend Sidney mouthing: "Who is that?" I acted dumb and pointed to Nick questioningly. She nodded and I mouthed: "Oh nobody." We stepped into the elevater and then Nick was gone. I went back to the room and sat next to sidney. "So who was that?" She asked again. I sighed. "Nick Jonas." I said. "Oh. Dangit." She said, she is also a huge fan so I'd thought that she would be really dissapointed. But she wasn't. That's all that I could remember untill I woke up. Wasn't that fun to hear about my dream?!

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Lisa said...

Yes! That was very fun to hear about your dream! I kept thinking it was real. I mean for some reason I thought you really DID go to Oprah's house but you just imagined you so the Jonas kid. Very funny. And you expressed it so well!