September 18, 2008

Eventually a musical

I LOVE MY NEW BLOG BACKROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, I have done some tweeking to my blog... It may be redone some more just cuz I like change... Not really, but I love designing. ish. I never mentioned that Emilee and I started a blog!!! I was orignally a e-mail we sent back and fourth. It was one of Emilee's rare guious idea's to turn it into a blog. Here's the link. So my dad thinks Emilee and me should write a musical. Like, we should write one about teen/tween relashonships beetween girls. Like *Operetta voice*: "I HATE HER! BUT I LOVE HER TOO!!!!!!! OH I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!!!!" ETC. If we put it on youtube we could make millions, (Of laughs and dollars) on just that alone.

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Jenn K said...

So where do you get all your backgrounds? Whenever I change mine it erases all my custom keys. Grrrr.