September 01, 2008

Among Pink Bounty

So there we were, hyper, in a wal-mart, Mary and I had just finished chasing a dragonfly behind the meat counter. And we walk into the Toilet Paper Isle. There is a gap beetween the boxes, and we climb in, we climb up the isle, in the isle. Until we reach a TON of bounty paper towel rolls, (In pink plastic) and we find out that someone has been there Before us and made a seat out of the paper towels and had a box of Zingers and apple cinnamon straws. We must learn from them. and they must learn from us, because we hid their boxes and mad a second seat. It was too much fun. hehehehehehehe.

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Lisa said...

Hey Olivia! I've given you a blog award. In case you don't know what it is, it's just a picture that you pass to people whose blogs you like, and they pass it to people whose blogs they like etc. And you can post it in your sidebar as well (I have mine at the very bottom of my page). You can get on my blog and read about it under today's post.