August 26, 2008

No one blogs

What the title said. No one reads my blog. I write to myself. sigh. I'm happy on the other hand that Lisa subscribed to my blog! yay! but no one will read it besides her. waaa. I'm going to call my friends up and force you back into the addicive ness that is blogging! (Isn't that pic cool?! my dad took it up in st. charles idaho.)


Lisa said...

That picture is BEYOND cool! I assumed you got it off the Internet, but I suppose with a dad like yours, you don't have to! I know how the lonliness feels. Some day, Olivia. Some day!

Ewelina said...

That"some day" is today!I am so glad that you have a blog too!!!And I LOVE the background!Hope you like mine.