August 06, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

well not really. But today I was on Yahoo! with my friend emilee. and my friend which I rarely hang out with comes on. She she tells me how no one will pick up the phone and how everyone else hates her. Emilee and I tell her we're sorry n' stuff and then we have to go, and she does sad emoticons repedly and we feel really bad so, we called her mom and told her that we wanted to surprise her with a slpeeover. and she still doesn't know!! We bought her a happy birthday myler ballon and some of her favorite junk food. I'm so excited!!! wish us luck!!

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Lisa said...

How awesome are YOU guys! I remember when I was living in California and I was about 15 one Saturday morning a group of 4 girls from a different ward came and kidnapped me and took me to an amusement park. I barely knew them, but I thought they were awesome and there was only one other girl in my own ward, who wasn't even very active. That one Saturday changed my life. Seriously. I became best friends with them and my junior and senior years were spent with amazing people who shared my values. It was awesome.

So are you! Have a great sleepover!