August 29, 2008

Bugs Bite.

I have a bug bite. :P. It was bugging me during Pre-Algebra today so my teacher sent me to the nurse so she could have a look at it. Because it's HUGE! It is two inches in diameter and bright pink. It itches like crazy and it's really been buggin me.(Get it?! Buggin?!) I had to call home and go to the doctor. I went to the doctors office and waited for an hour. They made a mistake with my app. so they didn't charge me. (YAY!) My doctor said to use an old boy scout trick. I have to get baking soda and rub it with water, till it makes a paste. then I rub it on the huge bite and it will make the swelling go down. Apparently, I have some kinda allegic reaction to a certain breed of misquitoes. (Sorry if I told you it was a spider bite earlier. I lied. Nt on purpose though. That's mean.) For this post to end on a good note, I'm going to share with you all my favorite online comic strip, On the rocks. It you want to read, and enjoy it as much as I do, click here.

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Jenn K said...

ooh, i love your new background! Sorry about the bug bite. Even sorrier you have to take pre-algebra. Blech! -Jennie