July 16, 2008

Sisterhood of the traveling pants

The other day I was watching the Sisterhood of the traveling pants, and now my life is eternally playing the soundtrack in my head at qued times. It's so wierd. Anyways, Today I had fun at Gramma's with Emilee. And we got to talk and Hide from my spazztic cousin Tyler. But Then Madison and Emilee got along and since we we're bored out of wits, we played barbies in Madisons new.... (DADADADA!!!!) Party Boat. It was a blast.Then Emilee and I had to go to Young womens. In young Womans I practiced a song, cleaned bobbi Duvalls already spotless house, and we had hot fudge sundae's at McDonalds, which one of my young wonmans leaders is boycotting. PLEASE COMMENT ON MY BLOG PEOPLS!!!! I WANT TO KNOW IF PEOPLE OTHER THAN ME ARE READING ABOUT MY LIFE!!!! Thank you for taking you time to read his.


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Lisa said...

Olivia!! I'm sure you're mostly wanting this blog to be for your regular aged friends to read and not old ladies like me, but can I? I'm so happy to see that you blog, and it's so much fun to read about what's going on with you! (and I just emailed you about how your mom should blog, before I had any idea that YOU blog!)

And if you REALLY want to know who's reading this, there are a few different monitoring things you can put on your blog for free (super easy, too) Maybe you already know about them, but let me know if you want any tips! You can click on the sitemeter at the very bottom of the page on my blog and see what it's like.

I hope I'm not bugging you with all this! Keep bloggin'!