July 21, 2008


Wow! I'm like physic because the other day I saw an ad for sisterhood of the traveling pants 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Mary is going to the Jr, High, FULL TIME!!!!! OH YEAH!!!! And I'm starting to get excited for school, but my goals are going absolutely no where. I've decided to leave my hair alone and to get braces eventually. I miss my acting classes so much, I want to take a year long course, but I don't have anyone to take me to the theater. sigh. Well I have been taking random friends to my Grandma's and the friends that have been there know how slow her computer is, so I'm probably not going to get on until about 3. So yeah.... Hope you guys are having a great summer, can't wait to see you in the fall!!

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Jenn said...

I read your blog. You probably don't want me to since I'm not one of your cool friends. :-) Hey, e-mail me your cell phone number. Rachel would like to call you sometime. -Aunt Jennie