July 27, 2008

La La Land, Here I come!

I got an E-mail From the circus people, and they want me to make a comeback!!! I'm gonna be on KUTV at 6 am on august 18th!!!!!!!!!! you know what that means, I get to miss the first hour of school, my first day, of my first year, at jr high!!!!!! Yes I say it as a privilidge more that a burden. =D! Anyways, I've been doing pretty well. Happy to be alive and all that. I've been recaping on my brain skills before school starts and My synopsis: (I know what that word means!) I'm gonna ace social Sudies and Science is gonna be really tough. So good luck to all of you, AND I CAN'T WAI TO SEE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


chocolate! said...

OLIVIA! School starts on aug. 15th!

Joker said...

School tomorrow