July 12, 2008


Yesterday was 7 (july) 11th. That means it was free sleerpie day at Seven Eleven. Don't kick yourself in the bum, I forgot to force someone to take me there too. I finished acting classes and they were a blast. I lay awake last night, I think I might kinda make some changes with my attitude. Why? I have utterly no idea. But here are my impossible goals to do before school starts: Get a Haircut, Get Braces, Get highlights, and give my dog a bath. I lost my lat tooth before my dentist said I could get braces, and so I wanna make an appointment with him. And Madison suggest that I cut my hair like it was about a year ago, and I'm growing out my bangs, and... aburn highlights would be freakishly awesome. I hope everyone enjoys the last few days of summer, because school is creeping up, and is almost ready to strike sering venom of fear into our small growing vains, and then we shall die a fast, and yet still very painful drudgery of everyday hasseling due to the faculty at the Jr. High. don't scoff, it's true.

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