June 28, 2008

wowie wow wow.

Ok, this will be my longest post and I hope you will endure this with me. Emilee and I are friends again, (shocker) I went to girls camp, (here comes the long part) And it was awesome. We went to Island Park in Idaho, and I became really close to my leaders and young woman, and our big beautiful cabin belonged to our bishop, and it had the most stunning view of the snake river. I went on a canoe, and a raft down it, (awesome) and when I was in the raft I saw a Bald Eagle. It was sleeping in a tree. And I also saw a Mommy moose and twin baby moose. They were like the size of adult black labs and hey were right outside our cabin. I didn't get a sun burn but I was eaten alive by mosquitoes. And when I got home I was happy to be home but I said something to my mom I shouldn't have and now she's mad and miserable with me. I'm really happy 'cause I felt the spirit but now I'm sad because my mom's all sad today... and some one in my ward took his life and his funeral is today @ 5 but I'm not going because I didn't really know him, and... and... I'm confused and sad and happy, and I really need a friend to help and love me up right now. please some one help me and give me advice!!!


(emilee) said...

I am so sorry! *huggy!* Who was it? Now I am WAY curuous. I hope everything is okay. luv you! *more huggies*


Jenn said...

Glad you had a great time at Girls Camp. Have a great 4th of July and a happier week this week.